Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations

Based on the 5,000 year old medical system from India, Ayurveda is a mind body health system which integrates wellness into every aspect of your life.  Western medicine may only examine the physical symptoms, Ayurveda looks at health on a deeper level and searchs for the root cause of the disease.  


How does Ayurveda work? 


Ayurveda works on the principal of balance verses imbalance.  When a person is in balance he feels happy, healthy, alert, motivated and vibrant.  When a person is out-of-balance, he feels sad, anxious, fatigued, or even depressed.  In life, we are always moving in and out of balance. Our goal should be to bring a sense of awareness to these shifts and to move ourselves back into balance before disease has a chance to manifest.  


According to Ayurveda, everyone possesses a certain mind body type based on many factors. Once we know our individual mind body type and learn how to bring it into balance, we gain control over our health and wellbeing.  


What if I am already sick?

Ayurveda examines illness as a deep state of imbalance.  If you are under a doctors care for a particular illness, we can assist in teaching you how to live a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle for your mind body type while maintaining your doctor's care.  It is strongly advised that you consult with your doctor before begining any new lifestyle program.  


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Initial Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

COMPLETE HEALTH HISTORY - It is so importiant that your Ayurvedic Practicioner knows a lot about you in order to help guide you on the right path.  The first consultation is a complete assessment of your personal health history, current state of health, current lifestyle and exercise program, your family life, work environment, personal goals, and more.  Ayurveda states that optimal health comes from all aspects fo life and this assessment will help determine your mind body type.  


AYURVEDIC MIND BODY QUESTIONAIRE - In order for us to determine your individual mind body type, we first ask a series of questions based on your entire life.  These questions will range from eating and sleeping habits to what happens when you become ill.  This questionnaire is used in conjunction with the questions asked during the health history to pinpoint your unique mind body type.  


BRIEF EXPLANATION OF YOUR AYURVEDIC MIND BODY TYPE - You will recieve an explanation of your mind body type and what it means to you. 


GOAL SETTING FOR REGAINING AND MAINTAINING BALANCE - Together, we will set personal goals so that you can obtain optimal health.  These goals may include learning more about living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, eating for your mind body type, meditation, yoga, exercise or herbs and supplements to maintain optimal health.  

Online Prakriti Questionaire

What's your Dosha?

By filling out our online Ayurvedic Prakruti Questionaire you will find out what your unique mind & body makeup is according to Ayurveda.   Our wellness practicioner will review your submission and send you some basic informaion regarding your state of balance according to the results of the submitted questionaire.  The form can also be used to determine what kind of cleansing program will be best suited for your needs.   There is absolutly no charge for this service.  


Click Here to begin your Ayurvedic Prakriti Assessment.  There is absolutly NO CHARGE for this service.  



Online Ayurvedic Consultations

Monte Vista offers complete Online Ayurvedic Consultations to determine your current state of health.  We recommend these for those who would like to begin an Ayurvedic routine before their arrival to take part in one of our cleansing programs or after your retreat program to continue on your new healthy path of Ayurveda.  



Your Online Assessment Includes:

  • - Prakriti Assessment (original mind/body makeup)
  • - Vikruti Assessment (current state of imbalance)
  • - Description of your unique mind body type according to Ayurveda
  • - Dietary Suggestions according to season / time / age  
  • - Lifestyle Suggestions according to Ayurveda

Your Online Ayurvedic Assessment will also make suggestions according to your unique makeup which may include; yoga practices to suit your dosha, meditation practices and insturction, herbal therapies, gem therapy, aromatherapy, and cleansing techniques.  


To begin your Online Consultation simply fill out the "What's my Dosha?" form on our website.  Once the form is submitted, our Ayurvedic Practicioner will send you an email and provide you with a link for you to begin your complete Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation.  

Private Follow Up Consultations

After your initial Ayurvedic Consultation, you may feel as though a door has been opened and there is so much more to learn.  In each follow up consultation, we will examine your personal progress as well as diving deeper into the ancient science of Ayurveda. 


You will learn in following sessions:


Description of the Doshas (mind body types) and qualities

Nutrition for my mind body type

Daily routine for my mind body type

Exercise and yoga for my mind body type

Breathing Techniques to reduce stress

An Ayurvedic Detox Program


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Ayurvedic Clinic Prices

Ayurvedic Consultation : 90 Minutes

1900 THB

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